Nature is filled with high vibrational nature energies. Do you believe in fairies? Are you concerned about the environment? When we were young, we were obsessed with fairy tales and the magical feeling they provide. There are elementalic beings who are associated with four natural elements: fire, water, earth and air. Fairies are nature angels who help our nature and animals. They can also bless humans with fairy blessings by granting your wishes and bringing magic into your life. was created with intention to bring amazing gift products available worldwide. Our team has six year experience of online shopping in Finland with online auction and webshop. We love fairies, nature and animals. After experiencing magic of fairies, we thought how to bring fairies into people's homes at the same time. That's when the idea for was born. 

We hope that our gift products and Healing Arts add a touch of magic to your home and brings you to a world of wonder. Our each order is Fairy Blessed by a certified Fairyologist™. 

What is a Fairy Blessing? Fairy Blessing is healing energy sent with Nordic Fairies to wish you well and invoke blessings of fairies for you. It's empowering words of positive affirmations as well. Our products are uplifting by this special blessing. Spirit of Nordic is filled with wisdom, magic, joy and miracles. All results of the blessings are up to Divine.

Our customers are our top priority, so we hope you will enjoy our product as much as we enjoy making it available to you. We ship worldwide.

Happy Shopping & Fairy Blessings to you! 🧚✨🌠💖🌸